Prayers of Devotion to Mary,
Our Lady of Alt÷tting

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O Mary, help.

O Mary, help me.
O Mary, help me.
O Mary, please help me,
a poor sinner who comes to you:
in life and in death save me from corruption,
let me not die in sin, be with me at the hour of death,
O Mother of Mercy.

An Old Prayer of a Pilgrim on Foot

Hail, Mary!
Hail, Mary!
Hail, Mary, I greet you.
I greet you thirty-three thousand times, as the Archangel Gabriel greeted you.
Your heart rejoices, as does mine, that the Archangel Gabriel brought you this heavenly greeting:
Hail Mary, the Lord is with you . . .
O highly praised and blessed is the Virgin Mary, both now and forever!
May you be greeted thousands of times in this beautiful chapel of grace,
O dear Mother of Jesus!
Holy Mary, pray for us,
Pray to God for us poor sinners to protect us from storms and hail and all misfortunes!
Holy Virgin Mary, stay with us, free us from our sins,
Stay with us at the hour of our death, that we may receive the Blessed Sacrament.
O Mary, we must now depart from here, but our hears remain with you,
O most beautiful Mother of Jesus, pray for us.

Alt÷tting Prayer in Time of Trouble

Mary unfurl your mantel, make it a shelter and shield for us,
Let us find refuge within until all the storms are past.
In sickness and in sorrow, O Mary send us your help,
Protect us from great need, obtain for us our daily bread.
Bring us peace once again, O Mother Mary, hear us,
remain with your people, in your land of salvation's sacred promise.
Mary, Alt
÷tting is your place of grace, be its refuge,
in these difficult times, protect your holy place from all harm,
shield us, O Mary, full of grace, in both body and soul, and look mercifully upon us here below.

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