Prayers of Devotion to Saint
Lorenzo Ruiz

Devotional Prayer List

1.  Prayer

Beloved Lorenzo Ruiz, confronted with death, you proclaimed your readiness to die a thousand times for your Christian faith.

Today the whole world admires your courage.  We feel particularly proud of you as our brother.  And we pray: You, a family man, protect our families.  Keep them united in love.  You, who bore your sufferings with patience and resignation, intercede for the sick of mind and body; help them to receive the grace of God's miraculous healing.  You, who died in a foreign country, take care of Filipinos living and working in this country and in other parts of the world.  You, an example of Christian fortitude, sustain our faith and make it spread and grow strong all around us.  You, the Philippines' first saint, be the country's special protector.  Unite us as one people: help us to work in harmony for development and progress; and give us peace.  Amen.